Ed England
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 8, Iss. 8, 05 Aug 2016, pp 408 - 415

This article will cover:

- lThe relevant legislation relating to medicines and ambulance services
- The restrictions that apply to different organisations or individuals regarding
the possession of medicines

- Regulations on the administration and supply of medicines

- Patient Group Directions and Patient Specific Directions.

The law in relation to the possession of medicines, administration to patients
and the supply of medicines is separate.

This article also provides guidance to ambulance services and ambulance
clinicians on available options to ensure good patient access to medicines in
England. The laws described also apply in Scotland and Wales but there are
some different national processes. The law both enables and restricts access to
medicines. However, it does require interpretation and a pharmacist can help
with this. Where interpretation is contentious then organisations may obtain a
legal opinion. Legal opinions can also differ, and can only be resolved in court.

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