Graham Munro, Peter O’Meara, Amanda Kenny
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 8, Iss. 9, 13 Sep 2016, pp 452 - 457

Objectives: In Australia and New Zealand, there is increasing demand for
academically qualified paramedic practitioners to assume academic roles in
university paramedic programs. However, little is known about the transition
from paramedic practice to an academic role within a university. This scoping
review was initiated to find any relevant literature that could answer the
question, 'What is known about the transition of industry-based paramedic
professionals to academic roles in universities?'

Design: This scoping review used a five-stage framework developed by Arksey and
O'Malley, which identified the research question, relevant studies, study selection,
charting the data and collating, and summarising and reporting results.

Data sources: Key search terms were selected to achieve the broadest
acquisition of potential articles and other sources of information. The terms were
used to search Medline, Cochrane, CINAHL, Wiley Online, Informit, and Google
Scholar databases. The SPIDER tool was used to assist with the determination of
the key search terms used in this review.

Review methods: An extensive search of titles was conducted, original articles
were sourced and then inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied to select
articles that were appropriate to the research question.

Results: In exploring the question: 'What is known about the transition of
industry-based paramedic professionals to academic roles in universities?' no
articles were deemed relevant'.

Conclusions: The dearth of literature on the transition of industry-based
paramedics to academic roles within universities is a major gap but perhaps, not
surprising, given that paramedicine is still moving toward professionalisation.
However, as the paramedic profession matures, the demand for degree level
education will increase, with an associated increase in demand for paramedic
academics. Developing knowledge of transition experiences will be central to the
successful recruitment of new paramedic academics.

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