Samantha May
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 9, Iss. 1, 06 Jan 2017, pp 34 - 39

This article looks into the current difficulties many UK paramedics face when
trying to manage patients presenting with a mental health condition in a
safe and respectful manner; particularly when the patient requires some form
of treatment but refuses this against medical advice. By utilising a reflective
format, the article explores some of the laws surrounding treatment without
consent and how these may aid or hinder a paramedics' ability to provide good
quality care to patients in these situations. Confusions surrounding said laws
have been extracted from the case report and discussed in more generic terms
in order to be more readily applicable to other similar cases. In doing so, the
article attempts to provide a clearer format of understanding of the laws and
management of these situations, both for the benefit of future patients and the
emergency services alike.

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