Edward Griffiths
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 9, Iss. 3, 03 Mar 2017, pp 108 - 120

This article reviews the efficacy and safety of Penthrox (methoxyflurane) when
administered in analgesic dosages. The review included one randomised,
double blinded control trial and the remaining evidence consisted of reviews or
observational and data-linkage studies. This paucity in a significant number of
high quality pieces of evidence is mitigated to some extent by the collaborative
unanimity of all the papers reviewed. All papers concluded that Penthrox was
an efficacious analgesic. There was no evidence of Penthrox having long-term
deleterious effects under an analgesic dosing regimen. The addition of an
activated charcoal filter to the Penthrox inhaler renders the risk of occupational
side effects negligible. Penthrox appears to be a safe and efficacious analgesic.

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