Jake Stanley, Kim Kirby, Maria Robinson
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 9, Iss. 4, 07 Apr 2017, pp 146 - 149

Sepsis a common condition, with a high mortality rate. Patients with this
condition are routinely encountered by ambulance clinicians, but recognition of
septic shock can be challenging. The pre-hospital phase of sepsis care provides
the earliest opportunity for identification and treatment. Lactate measurement
is a tool commonly used to stratify patient illness severity in sepsis, and is
recommended as part of initial management in the acute hospital setting. A lack
of evidence to inform the pre-hospital phase of care for patients with suspected
sepsis prompted this pragmatic evaluation of point of care lactate measurement
in an ambulance service. It is important to highlight that this study was carried
out prior to the 2016 Sepsis-3 definitions and quickSOFA clinical criteria for
recognising sepsis.

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