Edward J Griffiths
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 9, Iss. 10, 06 Oct 2017, pp 428 - 436

This article is a review of literature conducted in as systematic manner using
the PRISMA statement as a basis for its methodology to answer the following
question: How can EtCO2 measuring assist with CPR attempts in SAR Helicopter
paramedic practice?' Results revealed that CO2 coming out of an ET tube indicates
that it is in the correct position. An EtCO2 value of <1.33 KPa or an EtCO2 that
falls by > 25% of the baseline are the variables most significantly correlated with
not achieving ROSC. Diminishing EtCO2 readings may be an indication to increase
CC depth, or change a tiring CC provider to optimise CPR attempts. A sudden rise
in EtCO2 is a highly specific but non-sensitive marker of ROSC.

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