Tom Mallinson
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 10, Iss. 9, 20 Sep 2018, pp

This exploratory study addresses the current paucity of knowledge available in
UK paramedic practice in relation to cardiac auscultation. There is a recognised
lack of data surrounding the efficacy, safety and relevance of patient assessment
skills in the pre-hospital setting in general, and cardiac auscultation specifically.
This study provides information about current paramedic practice, and provides
a basis for further research in this area. An online survey was distributed using
convenience and snowball sampling, receiving 328 responses within a 31-day
period. The results show that many paramedics rarely, or indeed never, undertake
cardiac auscultation and that many lack confidence in recognising normal and
abnormal heart sounds. There is also a divided opinion among respondents
who provided free-text answers, with some feeling that the skill of cardiac
auscultation is vital in pre-hospital care and others firmly disagreeing. This
research lays the groundwork for further developments in training, education
and continuing professional development for paramedics.

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