James Rouse
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 8, Iss. 6, 03 Jun 2016, pp 294 - 301

At present, the inter-hospital transfer process has been described as suboptimal
and current literature fails to describe or analyse the complete transfer process.
In particular, the challenges and barriers from UK NHS ambulance services are
yet to be described. To examine this further, a study has been undertaken to
explore a NHS ambulance service personnel's experiences, perceptions and
issues relating to the inter-hospital transfer process.

The findings have shown that ambulance personnel approach inter-hospital
transfers from a business perspective, which affects the way they process and
perceive transfers. There exists a consensus among staff that the inter-hospital
transfer policy or procedure is not fully understood, due to a lack of clarity and
mixed messages throughout the process. Staff members view the inter-hospital
transfer process as a nuisance and have acknowledged it was inadequately
executed. Additionally, undertaking certain inter-hospital transfers is seen as
challenging paramedics' professional identities.

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