What are paramedics tweeting about?Paramedic Practice @Para_PracticePhone line 111 planned for full roll-out by 2020 in #Wales in an effort to ease pressures on the #NHS, particularly on frontline services by freeing up #ambulances. Do you think systems like this could be the future for the NHS across the UK?@PN_FitzIt adds to our workload …. far less reduce it! NHS 111 or NHS 24 in Scotland. An Increasing demand where more of these calls are suited to other clinicians & pathways.Don't know about Wales ….@digitalparamedQuite anecdotal view. Can't speak for #NHS24 (111 Scotland) but the data for #NHS111 (England) doesn't support that.Around ~79% of 111 calls are triaged to primary and self care.Tasha Starkey @WMASTStarkeyWe can remove a note and move on with our day but verbal or physical abuse should NEVER be tolerated. Which is why the crew were so upset/angry. Stopping to have a go at us delays us leaving for hospital AND causing you to wait longer for us to move‥ thanks @StaffsPoliceRob Marsh @wmasrobmarshOff to check on one of my team who got bitten by a patient yesterday!! Yes bitten. Broke the skin, antibiotics and all sorts… it gets worse and worse #teethmarks#howisthatokRob Moore @wmasrobmooreHow clever is this? On our electronic patient record, if we're entering details for a child patient and head over to the “Guidelines” section, it automatically selects the @AACE_ org guidelines relevant to that age of patient, including normal observations & drug doses! #paramedicAmy Kyle @amy_kyleDid my first tube as a Paramedic this week at my first cardiac arrest as a qualified clinician. I then also proceeded to do my first extubation when the ROSC lead to good respiratory effort, awareness and the patient gagging & localising to the tube!

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