What are paramedics tweeting about?Paramedic Practice @Para_PracticeVia Guardian politics live, Theresa May is facing more criticism for #NHS struggles despite NHS England dismissing talk of ‘crisis’ and claiming they are better prepared for #winter than ever: ‘in a way that we've never prepared before’@Kev1211Not in crisis?? Maybe not at the local Pvt hospital@tonyj154The question is why have more ambo staff left in the last 5 years more than any other period in the NHS history… I'm one of them!They recruit uni bods that are taking years to get qualified.. then they leave!@scott_goudieWell if you bury your head in the sand and ignore it it'll go away right? #dillusional [sic] #SaveOurNHSSam Grimson @wmassamgrimsonLast night was probably one of the worst I have experienced for inappropriate use of the Ambulance service.15 patients attended.1 taken to Maternity unit.The rest either treated on scene or just wanted a “check up” or weren't there when we arrived or were hoax calls!Rob Etall-Paramedic @robetallIt's refreshing in these incredible times in the #NHS the unwavering support that the public bestow onto usIt's truly inspiring to see/experience The pressures are obvious + issues complex, but #NHSWorkers are working very hard to keep u all safe. Thank you! #WinterPressuresKirsty Smith @kirsty_e_smith1Practising paediatric and adult ALS scenarios in @NWAmbulance mandatory training to make sure we're slick when on the real thing #pitstopresuscitationBen Hooper @BenrhooperI am not a huge fan of ‘live tweeting’ but if you are, be careful of what you tweet! It might be helpful using this chart found in the @Para_Practice Journal of Paramedic Practice #tweetappropriately #LiveTweeting

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