What are paramedics tweeting about?Rob Moore @wmasrobmooreApparently it's #ThankAParamedic day today! So if you know a paramedic, or one has looked after you recently, say thanks! It'll make their day, I promise! #BlueLightHappyPete Gregory @eddlecanardExcellent editorial board meeting with @Para_Practice, looking forward to a great future for the JPPParamedic Practice @Para_PracticeWe want to know your thoughts on the #Budget2017 - how will these changes effect your practice? Is enough being done to save the NHS? Comment and share our thoughts with us @NeeNawsteveIm hoping my trust will get additional funding for student paramedic places, then being told you've passed the interview and will be given a placement *it* funding can be found.If* not it …. nightshift brainParamedic Practice @Para_Practice‘Don't block my drive’ note left on the windscreen of an ambulance - have you had any negative experiences with members of the public you weren't treating?@romduck: Goodness, who HASN'T?@Paramedic_In_GP: Let's be pragmatic for one second, whilst trying very hard not to provoke a fight… Whilst we are engaged in an emergency-life goes on around us.Your emergency, might not be that of your neighbour. We must accept this.@cwtchynycegin: Hammering on the doors whilst ALS in process. Bystanders aware of circumstances wanting to know how long we'd be so they could move their cars@leeparrott45: My old crew mate (retired now) had a story from the late 80s. Doing CPR on a patient, had left front door open in house. Suddenly a man appears in the front room shouts “Move the ambulance!” And then leaves! Sadly, it's not a new phenomenon. #NHS@flyeruk69: There's a big difference between pragmatism and selfishness, while the neighbour might be impatient to carry on in this life, the ambulance crews are working hard to save a life

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