Raising a profession

The babyHaving someone read to him/ her helps the brain develop (2–3 months)Is able to sit alone for a short time (7–9 months)Copies speech sounds (7–9 months) Likes being read to (10–12 months)This of course had to begin with a birth and in the context of the paramedic profession the birth came about when groups of doctors in several parts of the UK formulated plans aimed at improving outcomes for patients suffering from cardiac and other acute events. These doctors trained small teams of ambulance service personnel initially with advanced skills which then led to the first national courses in the mid–1980’s which were known as ‘extended training’. These were very much based on a training methodology and there was an eagerness and enthusiasm to learn from the individuals involved. The term ‘extended trained ambulance staff’ was quickly replaced with the term ‘paramedic’.

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