Improvements in clinical handover: what next?

Wanted: reviewers for Spotlight on ResearchWe are always looking to expand the number of reviewers contributing to this section of the Journal of Paramedic Practice.If you would like to be involved, then please contact me. You may have a paper in mind already, and, if this is the case, email me first to make sure that someone else is not already reviewing the same paper as it will prove rather frustrating for you to write a review and then find out, after all the hard work, that your review will not be published as it is already in press having been reviewed by someone else.If you do not have a paper, that is not a problem. Once you and I have made initial contact, I can find out what your professional interests are, and then I can source you an appropriate paper.Spotlight on Research aims to review, in about 600 words, research–based papers that have been published in other journals. Clearly, in this length of review, we cannot produce a depth critical analysis, but neither are our reviews just a simple repetition of the paper’s abstract.The idea is to fag up key issues from published papers, to construct an overview of the central elements of the study including some reference to the study’s selected methodology, and to highlight the relevance of the findings to the paramedic profession.These reviews provide a useful resource for our readers who may not have sufficient time to review all journals every week or every month. Our reviews inform other people about studies that have been undertaken in the UK or in other countries which have relevance to unscheduled urgent care and paramedic practice. People read our reviews and if it is an area of interest to them, they may well be inspired to access the full paper.I will give you as much or as little support as is required to help you construct a publishable review. So do not be put off because you have never published before, just remember that everyone has to start somewhere. If you are new to writing we will work together to develop the review, editing and refining your draft review until we have a product that we both agree is ready to be shared with our readers.Working on a review is a good introduction to the world of writing for publication as well as something that more experienced writers can do to augment their portfolio of publications. This type of activity is useful to the paramedic profession, great for your professional development, and it makes a significant contribution to your own CV.So, get cracking and email me at and you could be in press within the next six months.

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