Catherine Hayes

Reader in Pedagogic Practice, University of Sunderland

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Falls in older people

After completing this module, the paramedic will be able to: .

Paramedic emotional labour during COVID-19

As a result of critical world events, understanding emotions in the workplace has become more important and, since these events, our approach to emotional regulation and critical reflection has...

Epilepsy in pregnancy: an emergency care context

After completing this module, the paramedic will be able to:.

Improving pressure ulcer risk identification: a pilot project by ambulance staff

The project adopted a pragmatic, systematic approach to methods and used a formal ‘Plan, Do, Study, Act’ improvement methodology. This was influenced by traditional models of quality and safety...

Building psychological resilience in the paramedic

Historically, the origins of ‘serious play’ as a concept can be found in the seminal work of Piaget (1951) on social constructivism, and the version later developed in Harel and Papert's (1991)...

Norms of staff responses to falls in residential care

Through the current study, the authors aim to illustrate the first-line response to patient falls that is operational in the independent care sector in a specific region of North East England. This...

Future of digital technology in paramedic practice: blue light of discernment in responsive care for patients?

In an ever-increasingly digital society, the profile of IT literacy of patients seen in everyday paramedic practice is a significant factor in how they approach understanding their medical conditions...