Charles Bloe

Lead Nurse for Cardiology, Coronary Care Unit, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, UK

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ECG case series for paramedics: April 2024

Ectopic beats or extrasystoles are extra beats that come early in the cardiac cycle. They were first described by the Chinese physician, Pien Ts'lo, in 600 BC. Ectopic activity is detected in 40–75%...

ECG case series for paramedics: March 2024

The most striking abnormality is the prolonged QRS duration. The QRS duration should be up to 100 milliseconds; whereas in this example, it is considerably prolonged, resulting in a wide QRS complex....

ECG case series for paramedics: February 2024

Around one in four patients with an acutely occluded coronary artery do not present with ST elevation. These acute ‘occlusive MI’ (OMI) patients do not meet the standard ST elevation criteria (mm) for...

ECG Case Series for Paramedics: April 2023

The heart rate is approximately 50 beats per minute and in sinus rhythm. There is left axis deviation..