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To what extent is end-tidal carbon dioxide a predictor of sepsis?

A systematic search was conducted to find strong primary quantitative research to determine to what extent low EtCO2 is a predictor of sepsis and if this has diagnostic value..

Paramedic adult pain assessment: pilot study

There were 30 (85.7%) male and 5 (14.3%) female participants. Thirty-two (91.4%) of the 35 participants were ambulance paramedics and three (8.6%) were CCPs. Thirteen (37.1%) of the participants had...

Publishing an academic paper: basics of the submission process

After completing this module, the paramedic will be able to:.

Triage system performance: consistency and accuracy in the emergency centre

Reliability in broad terms refers to the consistency of quality and performance (Oxford Dictionary, 2020a). Regarding triage, this concerns a measure of standardised application as well as the...

An out-of-hospital perspective on hyperventilation syndrome

After completing this module the paramedic will be able to:.