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Where to look: sources of research in paramedicine

This summary is arranged with the synthesised sources first and individual studies last..

How it's done: search tools and techniques for major bibliographic databases

Search planning is often ignored in favour of going directly to your search. However, a search plan helps you to think through some key questions before you start searching that will save you time...

Where to now? Searching beyond Medline

Repositories are essentially large databases of published and sometimes unpublished material. They are organised in two ways:.

Looking at the information resources available for paramedic practice

The NHS invests in library and information services and electronic resources to support clinical practitioners in developing and delivering evidence-based services. This definition of evidence-based...

Reference management software for students, researchers and academics

RMS has been around for over two decades. The software is well developed and major database and information providers anticipate that users will be able to operate it with little difficulty. They have...