Ray Higginson

in critical care physiology, University of South Wales

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Paramedic use of PPE and testing during the COVID-19 pandemic

The fitting of PPE is pivotal to ensuring optimal protection and working conditions (Loibner et al, 2019..

Paramedics and pneumonia associated with COVID-19

The lungs have multiple protective mechanisms to prevent lower respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia. The curved, undulating nature of the upper airways creates a great deal of turbulence in...

Distinguishing the novel coronavirus from influenza

The epidemic of 2019 novel coronavirus (now officially called SARS-CoV-2) has expanded from its place of origin, Wuhan, in China, and is now being exported to a number of countries around the world....

Continuing Professional Development: Diabetes and associated diabetic emergencies

After completing this module, the paramedic will be able to: .

Hypothermia: exploring causes and treatment options

After completing this module the paramedic will be able to: .

Continuing Professional Development: The role of the paramedic in sepsis management

After completing this module, the paramedic will be able to:.

Continuing Professional Development: Understanding paramedic treatment and management of pulmonary embolism

You and a colleague attend an emergency call to Mr Harrison, a 55-year-old teacher. Mr Harrison visited his GP 3 days ago with shortness of breath on exertion. This was causing him to rest after...

Rapid sequence induction and the paramedic

Rapid sequence intubation/induction (RSI) is an advanced procedure not currently advocated for UK paramedic practice although some paramedics attached to Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)...

Automated external defibrillation: implications for paramedic practice

‘The majority of sudden cardiac deaths are of ischaemic aetiology secondary to atherosclerotic coronary artery disease and affect the older section (35 years) of the population. In a significant...

Exploring emergency airway management techniques for paramedics

Ideally, the placement of an endotracheal tube should be performed in a controlled environment, although this is rarely possible in a community setting. With the high probability of gastric contents...