Tom Quinn

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey discusses innovation in the realm of prehospital care and considers the need for robust evaluation before widespread adoption of innovative treatments.

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Focused ultrasound in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest by advanced paramedics

Of the total number of OHCA emergency calls attended by the LAS for 2018, 1444 were also attended by an APP. The numbers of patients who underwent FoCUS were similar to those who did not (744/1,444:...

Focused cardiac ultrasound in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a literature review

Although the use of ultrasound is well established in hospitals, it did not emerge in the prehospital environment until the 1990s in the United States. Furthermore, paramedic use of ultrasound has...

Care pathways for low-risk transient ischaemic attack

‘a transient episode of neurologic dysfunction caused by focal brain, spinal cord or retinal ischemia without acute infarction’ (Easton et al, 2009) .

Innovation but precious little evaluation: time for more IDEAL-ism in prehospital care?

‘The Trust was keen to be innovative, and to be at the forefront of embracing new practices and technology, in order to improve the care provided to patients. While this is to be commended… the pace...