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ABC of Multimorbidity There can be no doubting the popularity, or quality, of the ABC series of clinical texts as over 40 volumes are currently in print on a broad spectrum of medical matters. Having reviewed a number of them myself, I would argue they have cornered the market when it comes to addressing a given topic from a ‘top line’ perspective. Key to this success is the focus on one specific subject area, so this book offers somewhat of a departure from the norm.Not so much a case of familiarity breeds contempt, regrettably, this is more of a case of ‘if it ain't broke don't fix it’.Positives first: the content is relevant to today's health economy and written by well-informed and experienced contributors. Illustrations are clear, case studies and chapter summaries are now standard and a coherent structure are all hall marks of the ABC genre. Further reading is suggested but bizarrely, references are provided only on request! That's a first for me.However, identifying issues is a very different concept to addressing them. Herein lies the rub. For example, one of the most pertinent, and contentious, themes in modern day health care is the quality and safety of that care, yet the impact of multimorbidities on this is considered in little more than two sides of a page. By its very definition, multimorbidity involves an incredible array of medical conditions, clinical interventions, health professionals and a complex infrastructure in a health service already creaking at the seams. To attempt to summarise all of that in a mere 48 pages of text is, I would suggest, not possible.‘Unlike others in the series, I'm not sure this works with such a diverse area of health care’This was always a challenging subject area to broach using the well-established ABC template. But unlike others in the series, I'm not sure this works with such a diverse area of health care.

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