clinical skills

Competence of UK paramedics in performing standard paramedic skills

The aim of this study was to observe the performance of clinical skills of paramedics ranging in complexity and frequency of exposure. This was done to achieve the following objectives:.

Paramedic practice in low light conditions: a scoping review

Suggestions from the professional panel to improve driving were limited. The use of a dark mode to reduce the glare from the mobile data terminal was suggested as was using the low-power mode for blue...

To what extent is end-tidal carbon dioxide a predictor of sepsis?

A systematic search was conducted to find strong primary quantitative research to determine to what extent low EtCO2 is a predictor of sepsis and if this has diagnostic value..

Diagnostic ability of a computer algorithm to identify prehospital STEMI

Ethical approval for this project was obtained through the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (project number 13926), and the AV Research Governance Committee..

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB): a review for the prehospital clinician

The literature search identified 387 results and, once duplicates had been removed, 262 results remained. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) method (Moher...

Troponin testing in primary care: can it improve diagnosis and prevent admission?

The limitations of this systematic review largely concern the quality of the included studies. With all studies scoring either three or below on the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Levels of...

‘Just little tricks’: an exploration of treating children in pain

The aim of this study was to explore UK paramedics’ experience of treating paediatric patients in pain..

Awareness and use of prone position for awake patients with suspected COVID-19

The study design was a cross-sectional survey, structured and reported using the ‘Strengthening the reporting of observational studies in epidemiology’ (STROBE) guidelines (Cuschieri, 2019) and...

Prehospital point-of-care biomarkers: missing link in acute myocardial infarction?

Preliminary searching of the extent of the literature determined that the body of evidence surrounding cardiac biomarkers in the prehospital setting was limited. Because the literature was so sparse,...

Prehospital airway management

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within the review by Carney et al (2021) and expand upon the findings in the context of clinical practice..

Acute medical condition of patients with femoral neck fracture

The age of patients with femoral neck fracture was significantly correlated with neurological condition (rho 0.10 (95% CI (0.07–0.13); P≤0.001; n=4701), indicating a rise in neurological impairment...

Paramedic adult pain assessment: pilot study

There were 30 (85.7%) male and 5 (14.3%) female participants. Thirty-two (91.4%) of the 35 participants were ambulance paramedics and three (8.6%) were CCPs. Thirteen (37.1%) of the participants had...