The emergency blues…

In this month's Student Column, Jolyon Price reflects on his choice to transition from acting to paramedicine, as well as everything he gave up, and everything he has gained

Pride in paramedicine: being an LGBTQ+ paramedic

As Pride celebrations kick off worldwide and the current issue of the Journal of Paramedic Press is sent to the printers on 28 June—the very date in history that the first Pride March was held in New York City in 1970—it seems fitting to celebrate Pride in paramedicine and hear from some paramedics in the LGBTQ+ community

Progressing as a trainee ACP

In this instalment of Paramedic Roles, Abbie-Louise Frake sheds some light on her current role as a trainee advanced clinical practitioner, reflecting on where she has been and where she is headed

Every day a school day

Nearly a year into his career as an NQP, Barry Costello reflects on why a patient-centred approach to care matters and how it will impact him as an ongoing learner in paramedicine

Pride in paramedicine: care of LGBTQ+ people

As Pride celebrations take place around the world, Aysha Mendes, editor of the Journal of Paramedic Practice, reflects on the importance of equitable care provision, inclusive research and appropriate care interventions for all people, highlighting some examples of barriers facing people in LGBTQ+ communities

The boost I needed…

As one of Edge Hill University's first students in the nurse paramedic programme, Philipa Duncan reflects on her first months learning during the pandemic, and her experience of her first placement on a hospital ward, which turned out to be exactly what she needed

License to ‘really’ learn

One year on as an NQP, Mahdiyah Bandali is still realising how much she does not know—and that building up learning gradually is part and parcel of every paramedic's journey

Getting to grips with neurosciences intensive care

In this month's instalment of Paramedic Roles, Oliver Saddler shares his journey towards becoming a trainee advanced critical care practitioner in neurosciences intensive care, and walks us through a day in his work life

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