A lesson on adaptability

Having just completed her final year as a student paramedic, Ellie Daubney shares some surprising lessons learned and her recent shifts in perspective towards patient care as she undertakes a new role as a temporary newly qualified paramedic during COVID-19

Child public health part 1: strategies for health

Child public health is an area that focuses on child health outcomes that can have an impact through the life course. This article briefly explores some key concepts such as public health strategies and the potential role of paramedics in improving child health. The following articles in this series will delve further into the impact of paramedic practice on the three main elements of child public health: prevention, promotion and protection.

999 call-taker insights

As university lectures have moved online, Samuel Parry shares his experiences of becoming an emergency call-taker during the pandemic and his lessons learned about how 999 calls are dealt with before the crews on the road receive them

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