The age of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually integrating into various sectors such as finance, transportation, energy and education. Although AI is in its infancy in healthcare, it is still being used in many ways, including medical imaging, chatbots, diagnosis, treatment, and telephone triage in an ambulance setting.

Roles and skill sets

In his second Student Column entry, Dan Wyatt shares his experiences of his most recent placement block in a hospital environment, reflecting on not only the skills and knowledge developed, but an understanding of the entire professional network involved in patient care

Embracing change

As ambulance strikes continue, patient wait times outside hospital emergency departments continue to rise, and the cost of living becomes ever-more unmanageable, stress is at a high.

Beyond hype to reality

In her first bimonthly column, Nagina Zaroof reflects on her expectactations as a student versus the reality of practising as a newly qualified paramedic (NQP)

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