Anxiety during COVID-19

As student paramedics adjust to online learning and its many challenges, guest student columnist, Rhys Sycamore, reflects on the resulting anxiety and how it can be managed

Speaking up — even when not heard

Decisions made at the end of a patient's life can be some of the most difficult. This month, Abbygail Elsey, shares her most challenging experience yet as a newly qualified paramedic

Paramedic mental health is an emergency

As Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is drawing to a close, the editor of JPP, Aysha Mendes, discusses the need to make the mental health of paramedics and other health professionals and leaders a particular priority during the COVID-19 pandemic

From story to reality

As emergency measures ramp up in response to the rising numbers of COVID-19, Jolyon Price reflects on how much has changed and on his own role in the evolving crisis

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