Being the change

After being acutely aware of her difference as a student, Mahdiyah Bandali begins to find her footing as a newly qualified paramedic, as she grows accustomed to ‘being the change’

From class to placement

As he quickly nears his third year, Samuel Parry shares his excitement about now being able to confidently link together his studies from first year, with current modules and placements, and taking all of this into his future as a qualified paramedic.

What is an expedition medic?

In the third instalment of Paramedic Roles, Jakki Owens reflects on the multidisciplinary nature of expedition medicine, and details areas that can be the most far-ranging from a paramedic's natural environment.

Reaching out to others

As he progresses through his final year towards becoming a fully qualified paramedic and the autonomy that comes with the role, Jolyon Price reflects on how to embrace this clinical independence while not being afraid to reach out to colleagues for fresh perspectives

A day as a prison paramedic

In this second instalment of Paramedic Roles, Rachel Hodgett shares what a day in the life of a prison paramedic looks like, alongside what led her there, and the job's unique challenges and rewards.

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