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A qualified perspective: the NQP programme

02 June 2020
Volume 12 · Issue 6

In 2017, I wrote a student perspective on the Newly Qualified Paramedic (NQP) programme, and how it aimed to support the experience and retention of NQPs (Robinson, 2017). Since then, little has been done to review the effectiveness of the programme, where issues such as retention have remained an ongoing issue (NHS Improvement, 2018). Having experienced and observed colleagues undertake the NQP process, this comment reflects on concerns that the College of Paramedics, research, and policy makers should explore further in order to identify improvements for the NQP programme.

The NHS has a national consolidation period framework for NQPs in the form of a portfolio (NHS Employers, 2017). This approach assures that NQPs continue to develop key attributes, knowledge and skills to meet the professional standards of healthcare practice (Department of Health and Social Care, 2010). The portfolio has consolidation learning outcomes (CLOs) across seven sections; these are: leadership, professionalism, clinical practice, practice-based education, continued professional development, reflective practice and wellbeing. Although these are structured, certain elements—for instance, consent and patient involvement—reappear across sections. Some examples from the portfolio include the following (NHS Employers, 2017):

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