Sundström BW, Dahlberg K Caring assessment in the Swedish ambulance services relieves suffering and enables safe decisions. Int Emerg Nurs. 2011; 19:(3)113-9

Dahlberg K, Dahlberg H, Nyström M, 2nd. Lund, Sweden: Studentlitteratur; 2008

The role of the patient in patient assessment

01 July 2011
Volume 3 · Issue 7

Despite the differences in emergency healthcare provision between Sweden and the UK, this qualitative study provides interesting data related to patient assessment which has relevance to an international audience.

This is the 34th edition of the JPP and I thought it timely to refect upon Spotlight on Research after nearly 3 years of publishing reviews. Hopefully, this section of the JPP provides a useful resource for readers who may not always have the opportunity to access other journals on a regular basis. Our reviews keep readers up-to-date with some of the prehospital related research that has been published elsewhere.

By design, the reviews are brief—somewhere between 220 and 230 words—and they are not intended to be a substitute for a full, critical analysis of the original paper. The purpose of each individual review is to highlight key issues and provide an overview of the study's research design and methodology (including reference to some of its limitations if appropriate), as well as to identify the relevance of the results and/or findings to the paramedic profession, although inevitably this will be restricted to brief commentary given the word limit.

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