Settling into a new pace

02 April 2024
Volume 16 · Issue 4


As more paramedics transition across various roles, Band 6 paramedic, Jennifer Green shares her journey in a monthly column, as she navigates the ups and downs of attempting to make her way from the comfort of the ambulance setting into general practice

Welcome back to my monthly column exploring my foray into primary care from the safer, more known world of the ambulance!

This month, a lot of things have changed. As you'll recall, last month, the differences in culture, patient interaction and work style were affecting me and I definitely appreciated having this column as an outlet through which to explore and discuss this. I was also in need of a small break, and took this in the form of a walking holiday with my best friend! Blisters abounded, but also, I had some distance (literally!) to take stock of my position and how rewarding it is to be able to help patients in this setting.

However, I returned back to work to some unfortunate news. The GP practice felt that they were unable to continue my contract as I was still at the stage of liaising frequently with colleagues to discuss cases and management plans. In my mind, while still relatively new, this is a way to work that promotes both patient safety and multidisciplinary cohesion. However, the practice decided that they required a practitioner who was already fully autonomous in primary care, and bid me farewell so that they could find this person.

Having applied and been accepted to a First Contact Practitioner programme on their behest (and for which I was very excited!), I now had to forfeit this opportunity as my clinical context was not present. My current situation finds me attempting to re-enter the primary care world in the hopes to continue gaining and building upon my knowledge and experience.

During my downtime though, I have started being more active in furthering my learning. The time I previously dedicated to the requirements of that opportunity was freed up, allowing me to redirect it towards journal reading, and the completion of many online modules, webinars and reflections. I had a great bunch of learning on my to-do list, and I am making my way through it apace! I am even exploring online CPD to catch up on past live learning that I had missed.

Additionally, I heard back from the advanced assessment course that I did from October to December last year, and I was absolutely chuffed to hear that I got an overall score of 87% on my first ever piece of level 7 writing. I also had an additional request from the course leader to use this as an example essay for future cohorts! So although I am currently looking to resume my career practically, it was a huge motivation and confidence boost to hear that, education wise, I am able to manage this type of role.

Thanks so much to those of you who have followed my journey thus far. I am not sure at this stage what opportunities will come my way or whether my column will continue, but I will be happy to keep you up to date with the next stage in my primary care journey—whatever and whenever that will be!