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Recent developmentsRefective learning logRegular JPP readers will have noticed that we recently introduced a fold-out reflective practice learning log. This allows subscribers to quickly record their learning outcomes gained from reading the issue. It is a simple way to regularly update any CPD portfolio.Bigger issuesStarting in May 2011, JPP increased the size of each issue, allowing us to give readers at least three more articles each month.New international editionSince its launch, JPP's editorial content and approach have attracted considerable interest from overseas. However, although many of our articles can benefit emergency care professionals wherever they practice, the journal as a whole is published specifically with reference to the needs of UK paramedics.To alter the character of the journal to accommodate an international favour makes no sense. Therefore, the JPP team are happy to announce that we shall be launching a new quarterly title, International Paramedic Practice (IPP). IPP will be produced quarterly and online on account of its global reach—www.internationaljpp.comIPP will share the publishing style and quality thresholds of the JPP you are currently reading, but the content will be unique to the new title. The first issue will be available from 5 September 2011. Scheduled content is outlined in Box 1.Box 1.Issue 1 contentsMeet the international editorial board membersManagement of heat emergencies in the military settingMental health legislation: an era of change in paramedic clinical practice and responsibilityResusciation from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in an under-resourced environmentPrehospital care data for traffic injury prevention: what Pakistani research tells usOrganizational models of prehospital emergency medicineParamedics in prehospital emergency medical systems across EuropeAssessment and treatment of trauma: an international courseInternational conference listingsBespoke editorial boardAs a separate publication to JPP, the international edition benefits from its own editorial board comprising: Guillaume Alinier (UK/Qatar); Stephen Burgess (Australia); Peter O’Meera (Australia); Stew Stancil (USA); Geoff Miller (USA); and Tim Essington (Canada). Their experience and enthusiasm for developing standards and themes that apply to dedicated professionals, whatever their national jurisdiction, will ensure the title is interesting and useful.Free with your JPP renewalIPP will help substantially as an evidence-based resource for UK paramedics. A subscription to IPP will cost US$75. However, the JPP team feel it is right to reward the readers who have supported the UK title through its early years. Therefore, current subscribers to JPP will receive access to IPP for free when they renew their subscription. A subscription may be extended at any stage of its lifecycle.

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