Advanced life support

Perceptions of establishing advanced life support for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

The aim of this study was to explore paramedics' experiences of establishing ALS in OHCA. It seeks to lift the ALS algorithm from the page and explore, without fear of judgement, paramedics' heuristic...

Influence of time on the predictive value of the post-resuscitation ECG

To investigate the influence of time on the predictive value of the post-ROSC ECG, patients over the age of 18 were sought who had experienced an OHCA, had been successfully resuscitated, had received...

Racial disparities in emergency care for seizures in the United States

This study uses EMS data from the 2017–2019 NEMSIS V3.5.0 database to perform a retrospective cross-sectional analysis. NEMSIS is a national database funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety...

Traumatic cardiac arrest: what's HOT and what's not

Treatment and management is increasingly being directed at the rapid identification and reversal of potential causes. Reversing hypovolaemia, oxygenation and tension pneumothorax (HOT) as a priority...

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