Prehospital end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement

The most common method of measuring EtCO2 in clinical practice is the infrared analyser. Rays from a source of infrared light are passed through a sample of gas as a detector analyses the degree of...

SAR helicopter paramedic practice: EtCO2 measuring to assist with CPR attempts

EtCO2 is the concentration of CO2 in exhaled air, and approximates the partial pressure of CO2 in arterial blood (PaCO2). Values of PaCO2 usually range between 4.6-6 KPa (Valente, 2010; Pantazopoulos...

Potential applications of capnography in the prehospital setting

In order to identify best evidence-based practice for capnography applications, while simultaneously exploring other potential scenarios for use in prehospital care, a literature review was carried...

Prehospital capnography or capnometry: are we going in the right direction?

‘Tracheal intubation without the use of drugs has little value in prehospital practice’.

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