Chest compressions

Chest Compressions and Defibrillation as Aerosolgenerating Procedures

Scoping reviews offer flexibility when reviewing literature that spans multiple, diverse methodologies and allow a broad overview of a topic to be created. As such, they have been described as an...

Lateral versus over-the-head chest compression quality in student paramedic

The aim of this study was to determine if chest compressions performed from a lateral position are more effective than chest compressions performed from an over-the-head position in a cohort of UK...

Chest compression efficacy of child resuscitators

In a cardiac arrest, a 911 dispatcher can often coach a bystander to perform chest compressions if CPR has not been initiated. In the case that a lightweight resuscitator such as a child has made the...

Traumatic cardiac arrest: what's HOT and what's not

Treatment and management is increasingly being directed at the rapid identification and reversal of potential causes. Reversing hypovolaemia, oxygenation and tension pneumothorax (HOT) as a priority...

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