Factors that influence child conveyance decisions made by prehospital clinicians

A version of the PICO (population, intervention, control and outcomes) tool for rapid reviews specifically for the formation of clinical questions was used (Curtis et al, 2022). This version, PICo...

Diabetic ketoacidosis in paediatrics: tools to assist in recognition of a sick child

Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism resulting from a lack of insulin or a reduction in its biological effects..

A critical analysis and appraisal of the management of croup in the UK out-of-hospital environment

Croup is a common respiratory infection with an incidence of around 3% of the paediatric population per year, most commonly affecting children between 6–36 months and more commonly males than females...

Developing understanding and awareness of children's distress, distraction techniques and holding

Clinical procedures such as blood glucose measurement, administration of medicines and the application of dressings can cause children to experience upset, fear and anxiety, expressed through crying,...

A critical appraisal of the pre-hospital management of cervical spine injury in children and young people

A literature review was performed using the following databases: CINAHL, Medline and Pubmed. The search terms used were ‘prehospital’, ‘paramedic’, ‘emergency medical service’, ‘cervical spine’,...

Reflex anoxic seizure: an important diagnosis to remember

A previously healthy five year-old girl was referred from primary care following an episode of a sudden collapse at home. She was transferred to the hospital in an emergency ambulance. The girl had a...

Cultural challenges in getting it right for every child: a reflective account

I was called to an accident in a home environment involving a 14-year-old female in which a kitchen appliance had fallen onto her foot causing a large laceration and possibly a fracture. She and her...

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