Out of hospital

Clinical case review: out-of-hospital cardiac arrest following thyroid storm

The patient, a woman in her late 20s, suddenly collapsed at home without warning and was found to be unconscious and not breathing by her partner. Immediate basic life support was given via ambulance...

Cardiac arrest and the role of transthoracic echocardiography

Massive acute pulmonary emboli (PE) is a reversible cause of cardiac arrest, with thrombolysis being the first line of treatment (British Thoracic Society, 2003). Occlusion of pulmonary blood flow is...

Paramedic management of out-of-hospital postpartum haemorrhage with TXA

The RCOG (2009) recognises that PPH is the leading cause of obstetric haemorrhage and suggested that the incidence of PPH is rising in the UK. Sentilhes et al. (2015a) outlines that PPH, of either...

Reduction of a finger in the out-of-hospital arena?

Kovacs and Croskerry (1999) point out that clinicians use a variety and range of clinical decision-making approaches. These are dependent largely on the unique characteristics of individual clinical...

Which resuscitated patients benefit from PPCI after out of hospital cardiac arrest?

“Which resuscitated patients benefit from PPCI after an out of hospital cardiac arrest?” .

Appropriate pain assessment tools for use in patients with dementia in the out-of-hospital environment

Defining pain is complex; however, it is generally agreed to be an unpleasant, emotive and personal experience (Briggs, 2010; Steeds, 2013). Pain is generally split into two categories: nociceptive...

Falls in the prehospital environment

There were 405 articles located in the search with 21 meeting the inclusion criteria. There were five studies excluded leaving 16 studies available for review There was one pragmatic cluster...

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