Perceptions of establishing advanced life support for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

The aim of this study was to explore paramedics' experiences of establishing ALS in OHCA. It seeks to lift the ALS algorithm from the page and explore, without fear of judgement, paramedics' heuristic...

Competence of UK paramedics in performing standard paramedic skills

The aim of this study was to observe the performance of clinical skills of paramedics ranging in complexity and frequency of exposure. This was done to achieve the following objectives:.

Comparison of prehospital stroke care at private homes and residential care settings

This study aimed to describe the ambulance care of adults with suspected stroke according to residential status of any type of care home versus a private address (i.e. patients living in their own...

Prehospital use of the paediatric observation priority score

How is POPS currently used in a prehospital setting within one Welsh health board?.

An Evaluation of Practice Supervisor Training for Student Paramedics

This article aims to demonstrate how practice supervisor training was incorporated into the final year of a paramedic academic programme..

Discussing Values in Paramedic Practice

This case considers a 90-year-old woman presenting with new lethargy and left-sided chest/flank pain. The patient described a multi-week history of left-sided axial rib and flank pain, a 48-hour...

Paramedic practice in low light conditions: a scoping review

Suggestions from the professional panel to improve driving were limited. The use of a dark mode to reduce the glare from the mobile data terminal was suggested as was using the low-power mode for blue...

Allied health professional confidence in giving prehospital fascia iliaca blocks

The primary aim of this study was to determine factors affecting AHPs' confidence in administering FIBs in patients with a suspected neck of femur fracture in a prehospital setting..

Challenges of prehospital silver trauma patients

Falls are the primary cause of trauma in older people, causing a multifactorial geriatric syndrome including major trauma despite low mechanism of injury (Saxton et al, 2019). Factors such as frailty,...

Diagnostic ability of a computer algorithm to identify prehospital STEMI

Ethical approval for this project was obtained through the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (project number 13926), and the AV Research Governance Committee..

The role of individual factors in the mental health of NHS ambulance personnel

Four NHS ambulance trusts in England facilitated the recruitment of a purposive sample of ambulance personnel. The researchers were limited in access to sites and relied on the communication team at...

‘Just little tricks’: an exploration of treating children in pain

The aim of this study was to explore UK paramedics’ experience of treating paediatric patients in pain..

Prehospital administration of calcium in trauma

Calcium ions initiate actin-myosin filament binding, resulting in myofibril (muscle-fibre) shortening and muscle contraction. Depletion of calcium ions because of loss during haemorrhage and...

Prognostic value of lactate in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a prospective cohort study

A single-centre, prospective cohort study was conducted by North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust between 17 February 2020 and 31 March 2021..

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