Experiences of homeless individuals using ambulance services: a narrative review

This study aims to narratively explore why homeless individuals access healthcare through ambulance services and to identify lived experiences of both these individuals and paramedics. Three...

Influence of simulation fidelity on student learning in a prehospital setting

This narrative literature review was undertaken during February and March 2023. Searches of selected databases were undertaken (Table 1)..

Use of cognitive aids in paediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

A survey study of 39 EMS agencies across six states of the United States was carried out. The survey (Appendix A, online) was developed as part of a larger study examining preventable serious adverse...

Factors that influence child conveyance decisions made by prehospital clinicians

A version of the PICO (population, intervention, control and outcomes) tool for rapid reviews specifically for the formation of clinical questions was used (Curtis et al, 2022). This version, PICo...

Diagnostic accuracy of early warning system scores in the prehospital setting

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within the review by Guan et al (2022) and expand upon its findings in the context of clinical practice..

Prehospital use of the paediatric observation priority score

How is POPS currently used in a prehospital setting within one Welsh health board?.

Neurological assessment with FAST to better detect posterior circulation stroke

The aim of this literature search is to evaluate how the additional neurological assessment could be used alongside the validated FAST tool within the prehospital setting for better paramedic...

Video vs direct laryngoscopy for adults undergoing endotracheal intubation

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within the review by Hansel et al (2022) and expand upon its findings in the context of clinical practice..

Allied health professional confidence in giving prehospital fascia iliaca blocks

The primary aim of this study was to determine factors affecting AHPs' confidence in administering FIBs in patients with a suspected neck of femur fracture in a prehospital setting..

Challenges of prehospital silver trauma patients

Falls are the primary cause of trauma in older people, causing a multifactorial geriatric syndrome including major trauma despite low mechanism of injury (Saxton et al, 2019). Factors such as frailty,...

Prehospital emergency health services in Qatar

Qatar is located on a 160 km-long peninsula on the west coast of the Persian Gulf. Islands included, it occupies 11 493 km2 of land (Bener and Mazroei, 2010). While the country's economy was based on...

Attempting to prevent hyperoxaemia after out-of-hospital resuscitation

This literature review has limitations. A systematic review was not possible because of financial restraints. However, by following a detailed methodology and recording the steps taken, a valid...

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB): a review for the prehospital clinician

The literature search identified 387 results and, once duplicates had been removed, 262 results remained. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) method (Moher...

Prehospital administration of calcium in trauma

Calcium ions initiate actin-myosin filament binding, resulting in myofibril (muscle-fibre) shortening and muscle contraction. Depletion of calcium ions because of loss during haemorrhage and...

Prevalence, severity and preventability of prehospital patient safety incidents

This commentary aims to critically appraise the methods used within the review by O'Connor et al (2021) and expand upon the findings in the context of clinical practice..

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