Primary care

Troponin testing in primary care: can it improve diagnosis and prevent admission?

The limitations of this systematic review largely concern the quality of the included studies. With all studies scoring either three or below on the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Levels of...

Paramedic-led acute home visiting services in primary care

First, a brief analysis is required to understand the paramedic profession's journey from their traditional background in ambulance services to working for primary care providers..

Community paramedicine home visits: patient perceptions and experiences

The main aim of this research was to ascertain patient perspectives and experiences of SP-delivered home visits, achieved through the following objectives:.

Non-medical prescribing for paramedics in primary care

The scope of practice of a paramedic in primary care will vary between employer, and depend to some extent on what the paramedic is used for. Speaking from experience, the author's practice is mostly...

Child public health part 3: promoting healthy childhood

In 1986, the World Health Organization (WHO) met in Ottawa with the aim of promoting ‘Health for All’ by the year 2000 and beyond. Born out of that meeting was the Ottawa Charter, consisting of three...

Child public health part 2: prevention and where paramedics contribute

At the primary level, child public health aims to stop disease or conditions from occurring in the first place (Blair et al, 2010). Examples include healthy eating to reduce the development of obesity...

Student paramedics' views on placements in general practice as part of a degree

What are student paramedics' views on the importance of including a placement within general practice as part of their degree on their learning and development as an autonomous paramedic?.

A day in the life of a paramedic advanced clinical practitioner in primary care

The paramedic profession has formally existed in the UK for less than two decades (Newton 2011). Historically, the role of the paramedic has been two-fold (Paranjape 2017):.

The use of telemedicine technology to support in pre-hospital patient care

Before reviewing the available technology, it is worth briefly outlining the history of technology in medicine, referred to as ‘telemedicine’. Utilising technology for health care is actually an old...

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