Student paramedic

Confidence levels of students before and after a minor illness/injury placement

Research by Credland et al (2019) addressed the need for non-ambulance placements within the paramedic programme, such as walk-in centres, minor injury units, cardiac assessment units and general...

An Evaluation of Practice Supervisor Training for Student Paramedics

This article aims to demonstrate how practice supervisor training was incorporated into the final year of a paramedic academic programme..

Student paramedic decision-making: a critical exploration of a patient interaction

While in clinical practice during second-year placement, the lead author, a third-year student paramedic at the time of writing, attended a 49-year-old palliative care patient, Mr Smith, who was in...

Student paramedics' views on placements in general practice as part of a degree

What are student paramedics' views on the importance of including a placement within general practice as part of their degree on their learning and development as an autonomous paramedic?.

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