Influence of simulation fidelity on student learning in a prehospital setting

This narrative literature review was undertaken during February and March 2023. Searches of selected databases were undertaken (Table 1)..

Achievement of student paramedic competency in out-of-ambulance settings

This study aims to evaluate whether NOCP paramedic competencies can be achieved in an OOA placement model through the supervision of competency completion. If this evaluation is positive, this OOA...

Mass casualty triage: using virtual reality in hazardous area response teams training

The VR simulation scenario was designed based on the primary triage of casualties using the NASMeD triage sieve (NARU, 2014). Recent evidence suggests that newer, more accurate triage tools are...

The effect of COVID-19 on student opportunities to acquire airway skills

This retrospective study of student records explored airway procedure variables before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the timing of the pandemic and the start of research, student records...

A tactical analgesic option for Durham and Cleveland police firearms medics: the journey

Any change to TTM policy or procedures has to follow a strict process; this involves the convening of the course clinical governance body, the Tactical Medical Advisory Group (TMAG). This faculty...

Development of research governance awareness to support pre-hospital studies

This project was funded by the North East and North Cumbria Academic Health Science Network, with the aim of developing easily accessible research governance awareness training tailored towards the...

The use of polyvinyl chloride film (clingfilm) with burn injury in the pre-hospital setting—the clear facts

In 1987 the use of clingfilm gained early research exposure by Wilson and French. In their abstract they state:.

Why evaluation is important to you, me and everybody

Evaluation is a statement which appraises or adds value to something (Simpson et al, 1986). Evaluation is regularly paired with assessment which encompasses benchmarking and ranking; however, there...

The challenges of pre-hospital paediatric trauma care

Who are the paediatric trauma experts? Prior to establishing trauma networks, the entire burden of paediatric trauma divided amongst receiving units led to an average of just over one case of major...

Integrating clinical research into paramedic practice:current trends and influences

Several current UK national health policies are focused on the promotion of clinical research in healthcare. In the white paper entitled Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS (Department of Health...

Blended learning: conflict resolution training for ambulance first responders

‘Blended learning is realized in teaching and learning environments where there is an effective integration of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning as a result of...

Emergency ultrasound in the prehospital setting

In the prehospital setting, there are a number of important applications of medical ultrasound, both to aid in treatment and to make informed decisions regarding destination hospital. This second area...

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