Continuing Professional Development: Reading and reviewing academic articles

26 March 2010
Volume 2 · Issue 3



This module will focus on accessing, reading and understanding academic journal articles. The ability to understand and use articles from journals is a fundamental aspect of paramedic practice. Like any skill, the ability to read and interpret journal articles, improves the more you practise it. If you are not used to reading articles, or it is not part of your everyday practice, then it can appear pretty daunting in the first instance. This module aims to ‘demystify’ and address some of these fears and hopefully at the end of the module, readers will feel more confident to access, read and begin to make sense of the published literature.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module you will be able to:

▪ Have an understanding of the key differences between case studies, reflective practice, literature reviews and research articles.

▪ Understand the value of the various components of an article–such as the abstract, key words, key phrases, discussion and summary or conclusion.

▪ Begin to develop your critical analysis skills.

▪ Start your own simple, searchable filing system that works for you–useful to keep track of articles you have read either for your own interest or for a research project.

▪ Develop an understanding of some of the commonly used research terms in articles.