‘I firmly believe that we have had another year of excellent progress’

02 December 2014
Volume 6 · Issue 12


As 2014 draws to a close, Andy Newton, chair, College of Paramedics, looks at another notable year for the profession, commenting on the developments arising from the Urgent and Emergency Care Review, progress that is being made in paramedic independent prescribing, and the need for the College to develop a Clinical Advisory Committee.

As we approach the end of another year we realise just how far the profession has progressed. Previously I have referred to the anticipated developments arising from the Urgent and Emergency Care Review and the progress that was being made with paramedic independent prescribing (PIP). We will be releasing updates in the PIP project and reflection on the College of Paramedics' Conference which was held at Warwick University in October and at which Professor Keith Willett gave a keynote presentation which underscored the increasing importance of the role of the paramedic in the modern-day delivery of unscheduled health care.

Members who attended the conference heard a wide range of presentations which reported on progress and developments in the UK. They also heard from speakers from the United States, Australia, South Africa, Austria, and Switzerland, and while it was acknowledged that the challenges are hugely similar throughout the world, there was widespread feeling among delegates that the paramedic profession in the UK is probably as far advanced as in developed countries.

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