A big thank you to our 2018 peer reviewers

A note on peer review from our team…High quality peer review is essential to any reputable academic journal and the Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP) is no exception. However, it's not only the journal that benefits from the process; the peer reviewer gains too. Peer review allows you to see some of the latest articles before they are published and provides an opportunity for you to shape those articles. Carefully constructed feedback can help newer authors develop their submissions from promising to publishable, and help to cultivate the next generation of paramedic authors. The JPP also grants you access to the views of the other peer reviewers from the same article so you can learn from their comments and develop your own reviewing skills.If you are planning on writing for publication, understanding peer review provides insight into how other authors have formulated their articles, presented their key points, organised their data and discussed any limitations in their work. You will understand what editors and other reviewers are looking for, which will enhance the likelihood of your article being published. Peer review enhances your CV and may provide opportunities for joining an editorial board.The JPP employs a ‘double blind’ peer review process to ensure that the evaluation of submitted manuscripts is not biased. Peer reviewers have a central role to play in scholarly publishing across the range of health and social care and peer reviewing in the JPP is no different.Peer reviewers and the robust system associated with peer review is there to authenticate our academic work—it helps us to improve the quality of published work as well as increase networking opportunities in our varied professional communities.The JPP relies on the peer review process to uphold the quality and validity of individual articles as well as the standard of the journal in which they are published. The JPP considers peer review to be the gold standard, the best form of scientific evaluation, as we strive to demonstrate rigour and coherence. Without peer reviewers, we would not have a journal that is respected by the profession and further afield, so it is hats off to our peer reviewers who do an outstanding job, even while holding down their day job!The peer review process is an essential element of any professional journal. At the inception of the JPP, we wanted to establish a robust publication that acted as a voice for the growing profession of paramedics and prehospital care.Since 2008, we have witnessed the JPP mature and develop with an increasing diversity of articles, reflecting the breadth of the profession's roles. We have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as one of the professional voices in paramedic practice—to offer a platform for developing clinical practice and care.We would not have been able to achieve our development without the work of our fantastic reviewers who not only apply their professional, expert opinion based on their years of experience in reviewing publications, but also support our potential authors in further developing their writing skills.Our reviewers achieve this in addition to their full-time jobs and, for many, a number of other professional roles. To our reviewers—we say a huge thank you!

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