Nordic training conferences for bariatric moving and handling management

BackgroundThe course was devised and designed by Gavin Wright. Gavin, an emergency medical technician, holds a moving and handling instructors diploma issued by the combined awarding body of Oxford, Cambridge and the Royal Society of Arts (OCR). Responding to a gap in the market for instructor level training he, along with three other members of his family who were also from clinical backgrounds (child care, general nursing and mental health—two of whom were also clinical educators), formed a company specifically designed to tackle this shortfall. This company, latterly known as TLC Worldwide (TLC), in 1997 became the first to offer a five day moving and handling instructor's course through the Royal College of Nursing's Continuing Education Programme.Having had other and similar courses accredited through the Institute of Health Care Development (IHCD), Edexel, OCR and the CPD Certification Service, his work was recognised by St. James’ House in 2008, with the publication of the 60 Years of the National Health Service tome. This publication described the first 60 years of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), outlining its chronology and development through that period. The various chapters gave a viewpoint of one aspect, such as medical and surgical equipment, which have been used and followed up with best practice awards.Chapter seven dealt with education, training and incentives. Best practice awards were given to 21 different organisations, such as King's College London, for continuing to find great medical pioneers, e.g. Nobel Prize winners Sir James Black and Maurice Wilkins. Another award winner was Blackwell UK for its continuing prolific publication of medical textbooks used in medical education the world over. TLC Worldwide received recognition for safe patient moving and handling training, and taking the concept to a worldwide audience.In 2009 Gavin took on the role of national moving and handling coordinator for the South African Moving and Handling Project (SAMHP). This project is aimed at developing moving and handling interventions in South Africa in their equivalent of the UK’s NHS, the National Health Insurance (Department of Health Pretoria, 2012). This is currently an advisory role, though big things are anticipated in the near future.Another development was the very popular Moving and Handling Instructors Newsletter of which Gavin is the author/web editor. This free online journal is accessed by individuals who are interested in moving and handling in 25 countries.Gavin has spoken at national conferences such as Naidex and the National Back Exchange (NBE). Naidex is aimed at both the public and care workers, while the NBE conference is aimed squarely at members of the healthcare professions who are interested in tackling musculo-skeletal injuries in the workforce and safer moving and handling of people.As Gavin has always been at the forefront of moving and handling development he joined the progressive team at Nordic Care Services Ltd in 2011. Nordic has a reputation of bringing innovative and practice changing products to the UK market. They also have a long history of exhibiting at major conferences and exhibitions. The formulation of a training wing was inevitable and so Nordic Care Training & Education Ltd (NCTE) was formed in 2012 as a not-for-profit company to expand the concept of safer patient handling.To keep his hand in at clinical practice Gavin works on ambulances during his frequent visits to South Africa and also conducts patient assessments with Nordic Care Services products whenever requested to do so by clinical staff around the UK.

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