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Where to look: sources of research in paramedicine

02 August 2021
Volume 13 · Issue 8


This article explains how to approach searching for paramedicine research, and the order in which you should consider types of sources, from synthesised sources to individual studies. Databases and sources for literature are covered and common issues about the search process are addressed, including when a search is complete and finding a gap in the literature.

This article summarises key sources for paramedicine research. It sets out an approach to searching that is most likely to bring you success, starting with synthesised sources and working towards individual studies. The types of sources you should include in your search are described and specific examples are given. Common questions about the search process are addressed.

This summary is arranged with the synthesised sources first and individual studies last.

When searching, you are advised to work through these resources in this order, starting with synthesised sources and finishing with individual studies. This is because high-quality sources synthesised by experts are most likely to give you an overview or ‘helicopter view’ of the topic based on the best research available.

Using this sound foundation, you can extend the boundaries of your topic in a direction you wish to go by searching other sources. If the synthesised source is not recent, you can fill in the gap between the date it was published and the current date with more recent research.

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